B2B Lead Generation – Trends to Follow in 2017

With 2016 behind us now, it’s time to start laying the groundwork for your lead generation activity and devise a concise plan that will enable sustainable growth for your business throughout this year. To do so, a clear understanding of the landscape and how it’s changing is essential.

Lead Generation is a constantly evolving aspect of Marketing with new and improved methods coming to light on a weekly basis. Staying relevant in this forever changing landscape is a difficult task but by understanding and utilizing what’s on offer, you can develop a very successful lead generation program. Here are some of the key trends to look out for and take advantage of throughout next year:

Content is no longer king:

Over the last 10 years Content Marketing had its rise to fame and has become many B2B marketers’ number one choice when it comes to generating new leads. Content Marketing has been a very effective method for generating large volumes of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) from a low capital investment. However, content is losing its place due to the sheer volume of mediocre material that is being created. With over 2 million new blog posts being created globally each day it is easy to see how great content can quickly get lost.

To prevent your pieces from being lost in the sea of unread content, it is crucial that you stay relevant and understand the issues that your customers might currently be facing. Once you understand these issues you can identify your customers current pain points and provide them relevant content as a solution.

Mobile is the Way Forward:

In 2016, for the first time ever mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage. Surprisingly though, there are still companies that haven’t adopted a mobile approach and continue to fall behind in the race to mobile optimization.

Earlier this year, Google announced new changes to it’s SEO rules which gives higher search ranking to mobile optimized websites. At the same time, they also announced that more than 50% of searches now come from mobile devices. To capitalize on this increased mobile web traffic, smart landing pages can be installed on your most popular web pages to convert visitors into leads.

Quality over Quantity:

When it comes to lead generation, “the more the better” has often been the philosophy for most businesses. However, things are changing and the focus seems to be shifting in favour of quality. According to a recent study carried out by Ascend2, 70% of B2B marketers claim that improving the quality of their leads is the most important factor when running an effective lead generation strategy.


With this in mind, there is no better time to reevaluate your current lead generation methods to identify which activities are the most effective and which ones haven’t been working so well.  You can do this by using “3 Marketeers Return-On-Investment Calculator” - http://www.3marketeers.com/roi