Rob Smith (Managing Director at IndigoBlue) and Jamie Hancox (Managing Director at BuyingTime) explore & analyse the relationship between the two businesses, spanning more than 10 years, and how the proposition, messaging and partnership has developed along the way.

The Situation

BuyingTime and IndigoBlue have established a very successful and long-lasting relationship over more than 10 years. Our close ratio was excellent, but we were finding that the 'tipping point' for companies to hire IndigoBlue was often unpredictable and wholly out of our control. As such, we needed to educate and nurture prospects while waiting for them to build a business case internally for what is a large change project.

The Solution

All full-time employees of IndigoBlue, including directors, have billable targets and also contribute to business development activities. The directors decided against employing a full time sales resource but instead, were seeking to recruit a company that could offer across the board sales and marketing capability, enabling them to focus on managing the business effectively, therefore delivering value to their clients. Activities required for business development included: generating new leads (online and offline); building existing contacts, to a point where work would be forthcoming, and finally joining the dots across all activities so that no lead is ever lost!

BuyingTime has developed a holistic sales support service which has resulted in a truly effective sales ‘engine’ for IndigoBlue. We manage all new lead generation, website conversion and search activities, pitch development, and ongoing prospect CRM.

Our team includes experts in each of these areas, all of whom have impressive CV’s and market-leading skills. Most importantly, we calculate that over the 10 years we have been working with IndigoBlue, between 40-60% of their annual net new business we have developed together. The fact that we have added at least 50 new clients to the roster together is further testimony of our relationship.

Our team does the following for IndigoBlue:

  1. Pitch Development
  2. New Lead Generation
  3. Online Lead Generation
  4. Website Conversion
  5. Prospect CRM

The Benefits

IndigoBlue and BuyingTime have developed this method of working over a long period. It enables both parties to exploit their strengths - enabling IndigoBlue to explain their expertise in Agile to a willing and well-briefed audience.

BuyingTime’s team only look after the area that they are skilled in, which means that handing contacts between us is painless for the prospect because they are never ignored, and always dealt with in a way that reflects their importance for our client, in this case IndigoBlue.

The Client

IndigoBlue is a professional services company specialising in Agile project and programme management services principally to large blue-chip organisations with specialist services for the public and third sector. Founded in 2002, the Company has grown year on year to become the leading UK provider of Agile consulting services. Their clients range from British American Tobacco (BAT), Royal Mail, Dixons Carphone, DVLA, Aviva, and The Guardian Group to charities including the Downs Syndrome Association and MS Society.