Javelin Group

The Client

Javelin Group is Europe’s leading eCommerce consultancy, working with Tier 1 retailers on large-scale online digital projects to help retailers take strategic advantage of their scale. From building the business case through to design and deployment of leading 3rd party platforms such as Hybris, Intershop and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Javelin have a reputation as the very best enterprise consultancy in the eCommerce space.

The Situation

The Javelin group had long wanted to expand their operations across Western Europe, and whilst work has been done in those territories the relationships required to establish offices and hire staff in country were not in place. Retailers in territories such as France, Germany and Scandinavia have always been behind the curve in online retail, and an opportunity seemed to be wasted if they were not pursued. Establishing a presence there without clients seemed risky however, so a sales and marketing exercise was needed to build a beachhead from which to grow the business.

The Solution

Buyingtime was engaged to assist in a program of work to build Javelin’s client base outside the UK. Our initial project was broken down into several key areas:

  1. Define & research the core target organisations within Western Europe’s largest markets
  2. Gain an understanding the technology landscape and digital maturity levels within each target company
  3. Identify the influencers and board-level decision makers within those organisations
  4. Build relationships with those individuals and gain an understanding of their:
    a. Buying cycles – supplier arrangements
    b. Potential challenges in driving transformation
    c. Appetite to invest in exploring eCommerce

We provided our research teams to build a suitable universe, using a combination of our own in-house data and extensive use of social media platforms and networks. Having ensured that our dataset was “live” and absolutely accurate, we started to write personal letters to the Directors of these large businesses, explaining our proposition in each of the local languages.

Finally, Buyingtime provided a highly skilled, dedicated team of ABM consultant and Data Insight lead to gradually build highly personalised relationships with those individuals - and arrange exploratory meetings when all parties believed that there was sufficient appetite for the businesses to engage. This team was backed up by our client management team, who helped to craft the proposition for each target company, taking care with such a small universe (perhaps 250 companies) not to waste a single opportunity.

Once the initial work in mapping and engaging prospects was underway, Buyingtime overlaid a content and nurturing program – involving the creation and dissemination of relevant thought leadership content, carefully monitoring engagement. Over time, various “live-learning” events were executed – some using the Buyingtime “Commerce Futures” brand for practitioners – and others using Javelin’s own brand for very senior dinners.

The Outcomes

Buyingtime and Javelin Group have worked together now for nearly 7 years and thus far the relationship has proved very successful. Crucially we have built trust in each other’s efforts and skills, and both parties have benefited from winning new business across Europe.

In May 2010 Javelin group established an office in Paris and hired a new leadership team in country, having been given the confidence to do so from the business they had won through our joint efforts.

By January 2012 Javelin had engaged with more than 50% of their target accounts – has carried out over 100 first meetings, and most notably had won more than 15 new clients from this program.

In May 2015 Javelin Group was acquired by Accenture (who proceeded to retain Buyingtime), a strategic acquisition given their unique blend of consulting and technology services.