The App Business (TAB)



The App Business (TAB) is an award-winning mobile solutions company and highly focused technology partner, built to enable organisations to thrive in a world where mobile is an expectation – not a device.

From their central London HQ, they have a 150-strong in-house team of product owners, strategists, architects, engineers, and designers focussed on making the world work better, partnering with global organisations to equip them with the capabilities and expertise to know the knowable, and nail the now. At the core of TAB is a deep commitment to radically integrated teams: nimble groups made up of client-side experts and experienced TABbers, focused on co-creating market-leading solutions.


We first started engaging and collaborating with TAB in the summer of 2017 - they had worked with previous lead-generation companies to little or no avail, so had some uncertainty around what we could deliver. However, we very quickly formed a strong partnership together, challenging one another on everything from target accounts to the proposition, lead quality and outreach strategies. Having such a strict target account set with TAB has enabled our Data Insight Specialists and ABM Consultants to focus on effectively generating valuable insight, ensure contact with the right people in the target companies, build well-nurtured prospect relationships and eventually provide TAB with 'warm' engaged leads.


BuyingTime's relationship with TAB and the success delivering their proposition has been heavily based on an extremely focussed 'Target Account' program, as well as our ability to effectively nurture prospects and develop further new business.



Emily from TAB discusses how their uniqueness means they can't take a generic approach towards their marketing and business development. Account-based Marketing and Target Account programs are the best way to advocate this and help TAB win new business.
David, Emily and Sam from TAB along with Chris and Jeremy from BuyingTime explore the relationship between the two businesses. TAB don't usually outsource, and don't feel like they have with BuyingTime as the partnership between the two is very unique.