Our client base has grown in the main through word of mouth. In other words, people for whom we have been successful have told their personal networks that we are genuinely helpful and have talented individuals working for us.

As such the businesses we work in are interlinked... and the sectors we have worked in are closely related. Our clients generally have the following elements in common:

  • Their propositions are complex and service-driven, not a ‘product’.

  • They are niche specialists – subject matter experts not salespeople.

  • Their business involves selling services to large ‘blue-chip’ companies and organisations.

The challenge that we face as a result of these common characteristics is one of being ‘one of them’ (that is, perceived as a member of our clients’ team) without trying to seem as if we are experts ourselves. The answer? Do only what you are good at – focus on the communication skills we have at our disposal and never overstep the mark. Handovers to the client also have to be seamless and elegant.