Prospect Nurture


here at buyingtime we know that once a relationship has been established with a prospect, the relationship needs to be nurtured. This is not just about calling a lead regularly in order to maintain contact, but is about actively working to help drive the sale forward.

Prospect nurturing can involve:

  • Networking within the target business in order to involve and engage other stakeholders.

  • Using our data detectives to dig deep within the organisation and uncover the "real" landscape that our client is selling into.

  • Crafting specific content – such as white papers or case studies – to engage the prospect further.

  • Organising and facilitating events that encourage debate around the subject that we are discussing with our sales prospects, in order to improve engagement rather than just maintain it.

If a prospect has a short-to-medium term requirement, our clients often take on that work themselves, developing and closing the business without any further involvement from our team.