Jamie Hancox

Managing Director

Jamie Hancox

Jamie Hancox founded BuyingTime to address a gap in the market after a long career in enterprise sales & marketing, and he runs the business today. He is focused on overall business strategy and relationship building with clients across the technology landscape.

He has been involved in the technology sector for over 25 years, and had full new business revenue responsibility for companies across most of his career, working in consulting, technology marketing and enterprise technology sales over his career.

Jamie’s vision has been to build a business with unique capabilities, delivering “Target Account” programs that call on new digital services as much as they do traditional, personal sales skills and human engagement. It is Jamie’s drive and passion to change the way that sales relationships are created that gives BuyingTime its special place in the technology sector and allows the business to work for companies that both compete with and complement one another.

Outside of the business Jamie is a father of three boys and devoted husband to Julie - who looks after the company’s recruitment needs. He is a keen cyclist, born from an early career as a cycling courier in London.