Buying Time USPs

BuyingTime prides itself on being different. Otherwise, why would our clients choose us instead of any other company? Here’s what makes us unique.

Account-Based Sales & Marketing business

We are a specialist supplier. We blend contact, content and live learning to deliver sales engagement for UK consulting and service companies - selling to large organisations across a range of senior job functions.

Focus on the deal

We focus on the sale our client is trying to make, not the engagement we are trying to create. This improves the quality of pitch and presentation, and strengthens the commitment that BuyingTime and our clients make to each other. The result is that our average client retention period is three years.

Account-Based targeting

Increasingly we recommend following the ABM model - establishing a group of highly desirable target accounts, profiling them effectively, and then using the blend of services and measurement that we offer to penetrate effectively and engage those companies in a sales cycle.

Delivering high value new contacts

Since we launched BuyingTime in 2003, our clients have won more than £48 million in new contracts through sales engagement that we have delivered. We estimate the follow-on value of those contracts to be worth over £100 million, based upon the business models that many of our clients operate.

Finding the most valuable contact(s)

Our skilled teams work across many departments and job titles, from IT and marketing through to board level executives and ‘harder to find’ roles such as "Customer" and "Digital" roles. Our recommendation is always to find the individual who wants to own a subject area, rather than focussing on specifically job titles. Nevertheless, it is our clients who always make the final choice.

Supporting directors, not sales teams

We offer sales support primarily to a client company’s directors, rather than a sales team. We have found that the successful completion of new deals in the services sector necessitates relationship-building at our entry point, but that ‘subject matter expertise’ comes into its own right from the very first meeting.

Keeping contacts live till the time is right

Sometimes a first meeting establishes credibility and interest but the timing is not right. If that happens, we can take the contact back and keep it ‘live’ until a real opportunity exists. This approach has delivered business worth in excess of £1 million to our clients without the need for competitive pitches.

Skilled, focussed and hard-working

Our team is made up of long-term associates, each with a specific skill or method of working. We strive to be what many sales teams are not: hard-working, accountable and focussed on results. In short, only people who are skilled and hard-working keep working with us. This has allowed us to build a team of enviable quality from which we carefully select the right people to work on particular client projects.