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Content Creation


your business needs to be seen as a leader and innovator for your sales prospects to take any notice of you. You can establish and reinforce this authority by Creating editorial of varying Types across platforms that Prospects are likely to digest, but this takes Time, Effort & Skill - all of which are at a premium. That’s where BuyingTime can help.

Consider your own website. When was the news section last updated? Is there a blog that died in 2010 but you haven’t killed it off yet? When was the last time you added new case studies and testimonials, and updated or deleted the ones that no longer represent your company’s focus?

What else do your target clients read? How often do you produce White Papers? Contribute articles to magazines? What about LinkedIn? Twitter? Have you even thought about a company Facebook page?

Finally, have you got an editorial plan or calendar? It’s vital to make a commitment to produce new editorial regularly – and, just as importantly, to revisit the content that’s already in the public domain.

This isn’t just about looking bigger and more successful than you actually are – it’s now a crucial part of the sales process.

BuyingTime can get involved at any stage, but to do our job well we like to start at the beginning, by immersing ourselves in your business so that we really understand it. We can then audit it against agreed parameters and find out more about what’s really going on, not what you think is happening. Finally, we’ll agree a plan of action with you – and put our experts to work to provide compelling content, whatever the channel.


Email Marketing


Email is part of the daily grind for many of your prospects, and so it is critical that when you produce email programs that they are not done in isolation, and that the content is brilliant.

Any form of telephone-based lead generation and business development needs a well thought-out email strategy to go alongside and assist in the process of engaging prospects. However, you need to make sure the strategy is targeted and relevant to every segment of your audience - from content for practitioners all the way up to C-Level executives.

We're happy to use our in-house system, MailChimp, to drive engagement (star rating) and build a deeper-set relationship with any leads, or we can utilise your system and implement some of our strategic best practices such as:-

  • A/B Testing
  • Subject line tests
  • Click-throughs
  • Content testing (it's not one rule for all)
  • Optimum delivery time
  • Adjust & amend as you go

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