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being part of the process of delivering "live" learning to digital leaders is now a critical part of every technology sales process - both directly and through partners. This led us to "accidentally" founding our own events brand - Commerce Futures.

We believe it’s important to offer really useful content to your target customers... and whereas much digital content is poorly consumed, well-respected events are a tremendously effective element in the journey to being seen as "credible" in the minds of your target buyer. Commerce Futures focuses on offering content from expert peers and industry practitioners, bringing together leading brands to share case studies and their industry know-how. At these live events, we also take great care in how we curate and target the audience, so that you can maximise networking opportunities and start to forge new business relationships.

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do you have a challenging market to crack or a specific audience to engage with? If you can attract the right small group to a well-structured event that truly resonates, the foundations for engagement are laid.

Our experienced and dynamic in-house team are able to craft an event that will draw the right audience for you to engage with, and ultimately develop into prospective clients. The team will source everything from the right venue to guest speakers and most importantly the AUDIENCE, and then carefully create an interesting event theme & topic that will attract the target audience. Event formats we've done include:-

  • Breakfast Summit
  • Half-day Conference
  • Working Lunch
  • Facilitated Dinner
  • Round-table Discussion

Facilitated Dinners


in a world where business is dominated by the somewhat confusing transformation to digital, the trusted intimacy offered by a working supper with a carefully selected group of prospects can build trust very rapidly.

Our team are expert in crafting content, debating topics and formats that really do appeal to senior business leaders who are motivated to enhance their network, build knowledge and engage in the dance with new suppliers whom they might have missed. Whether you're looking to build new relationships or further cement current ones, a carefully moderated discussion over dinner provides the perfect format to push on from and make yourself appear even more personable. 

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