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Who we are

BuyingTime was born of the insight that the journey to signing a new client has distinct phases - discovery, selection and close. While that journey can often take 12 months from start to finish, our experience has taught us that the clients' ‘buying cycle’ can be accelerated by the presence of a ‘senior subject matter expert’ early in the process (just as it can be slowed by a salesman who is not an expert in the prospect’s field).

Over the last 10 years we have built our services around this ‘buying cycle’, transforming the first part of the sales process "Discovery" into a highly-evolved professional service. We build relationships in a sophisticated and compelling manner so that our clients’ own subject matter experts can engage with qualified prospects and ultimately win new client contracts.

We also recognise that, in order to be hired, our clients need to be perceived as experts in their field. To enable that, we have developed services that create ‘reputation’ for our clients, generating first-class content and live learning environments which we feed intelligently into the channels that our clients’ prospects consume naturally.

We then join up our clients’ teams, events and partners to the lead generation process, producing extraordinarily impressive results.

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