Why use BuyingTime?

BuyingTime is best placed to help as the relationship between Sales & Marketing evolves. Our purpose is to:

  • Bring the sales function new leads of real quality to develop and close

  • Satisfy the long-term ambitions of marketing teams and the investment in campaigns

  • Maintain your businesses engagement with all prospects - from immediate ‘Buy now!’ to longer-term key prospects

  • Deliver regular “high-quality” sales relationships that fill your ongoing pipeline

  • Work synchronously with your teams to drive the business forward and improve internal processes

  • The sales process within the company does not match the buying cycle of your target customers. You push when you should not, lack the patience needed to nurture properly, and/or lose because you do not meet the expectations of the target prospect.

  • Actively build your ‘brand’ and reputation for delivering certain products and/or services well

  • Help grow the business through a well-drilled campaign team to deliver qualified sales leads that the company’s principals can follow up.

A sales solution that works

Look at our ‘Client Deal Data’ and you’ll see that our clients sell their services successfully by working with us. We’re proud of that, but we’re equally proud to work with clients who are good ‘in the room’ and have a sound proposition to sell.