Why use BuyingTime?

If you recognise one or more of the following scenarios, then BuyingTime can help:

  • The desire to grow the business is not matched by the sales and marketing skills of the business leaders. They are stretched across sales, delivery and operations and cannot build new relationships effectively.
  • A sales director relationship has failed (more than once?). Despite a lot of time and money being spent hiring a high-profile individual, the directors now feel that they should never have let go of control and could have done better themselves.
  • The sales process within the company does not match the buying cycle of your target customers. You push when you should not, lack the patience needed to nurture properly, and/or lose because you do not meet the expectations of the target prospect.
  • The business is daunted by the idea of actively building a ‘brand’ or a reputation for delivering certain services well, seeing this as a luxury it can’t afford.
  • The network of contacts that helped to grow the business has been exhausted. The company now requires a mechanism to deliver qualified sales leads that the company’s principals can follow up.

A sales solution that works

Look at our ‘Client Deal Data’ and you’ll see that our clients sell their services successfully by working with us. We’re proud of that, but we’re equally proud to work with clients who are good ‘in the room’ and have a sound proposition to sell.